A Quick Look at Mercedes’ new S-Class Coupe – The Private Jet of the Road

In October, Mercedes-Benz finally revealed some further details about the much anticipated S-Class Coupe with deliveries beginning in early 2018. At a starting price of £103,715 for the entry S 560 going up to £198,615 for the AMG S63 model – the S-Class Coupe is clearly a serious vehicle for a serious driver.

Equipped with a 4.0-litre V8 engine the S560 does 462bhp and 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. The design of the interior and exterior is unbelievably styled and provides the comfort and luxury of the S-Class saloon range but the sporting lines similar to a SL or SLC roadster range.

Described as “great looking, stuffed with tech, implausibly fast”, the car has been received incredibly positively by the press with Top Gear calling the S-Class Coupe “a private jet for the road”. This car packs performance and luxury in one punch.

The Exterior

This two door version of the S-Class boasts sleek lines with the same aggressive diamond grill panel that the S-Class has become famous for. Like the newest C-Class Coupe, Mercedes have done a brilliant job in the rear end styling. Though you would expect a Coupe to be relatively short, the S-Class Coupe is five metres long and two metres wide, which help ensure that buyers still feel like they are not missing out of the sheet gravitas that comes with the S-Class. Perhaps the most evident change is that the new S-Class Coupe shares the “Panamericana” vertical slatted grille that can be found on the likes of the AMG GT and S65

The Drive

We’ve already provided a sneak peak at the performance on offer but the S-Class Coupe has even more in terms of driving technology. The S-Class Coupe can include Curve Tilting Function technology that allows the car to lean into corners like you would on a motorcycle. This ensures that at all times, especially at high speed around a corner, passengers remain comfortable and the car never shudders on the tarmac.

For those drivers who opt for the Driving Assistance package, they can take advantage of Mercedes-Benz latest self-driving systems such as the Active Distance Assist Distronic system that allows drivers to control the distance between them and the car in front. Other systems like Active Steering Assist make sure that that car remains on the centre of the road when in a straight line or going round a slight bend. The car can even detect local speed limits to make sure that you’re always within the law.

Owners of the higher priced S63 and S65 even get complimentary training at AMG’s very own Driving Academy experience at Mercedes-Benz World so they can receive one-to-one tuition on how to utilise AMG performance across a number of high-speed and adrenaline-fuelled exercises.

The Interior

Mercedes-Benz have yet again delivered on producing a car that is elegant yet sport, graceful yet powerful and classic yet crammed with innovative technology. As standard the S-Class Coupe is well equipped with a widescreen cockpit display, multifunction steering wheel and touch control buttons that allow for a more ergonomic user interface.

Those wanting to add extra luxury can opt in to the Premium Equipment line and receive 360° camera, an air fragrance and purifying system, massaging seats, nappa leather and not just heated seats but heated armrests and steering wheel. There is bags of space, high quality finishing and the car is virtually silent whilst at cruise speeds.

How much is the S-Class Coupe?

As previously mentioned, the entry level S560 model starts at £103,715 in AMG Line. The higher spec and more powerful S63 and S65 are also automatics but will set you back £127,515 and £189,615 respectively.

To find out more about test driving or purchasing the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, you’re recommended to visit an official Mercedes-Benz dealership as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment on later deliveries in 2018.